Our Difference

We believe in curiosity. We never stop asking questions and looking for new and innovative ways of solving problems. We believe in integrity, both in the way we work and how we allow every building we design to tell its story. We take joy in repairing and reinvigorating the city we live in with sustainable, timeless design to inspire this generation and the next.

Our commitment to sustainability

By the year 2030, the embodied energy used in the construction of buildings will far outweigh the operational energy expunged by buildings over their lifecycle. For every project, we look to retain, reuse and reimagine existing buildings and structures. Finding new uses for old buildings minimises energy consumption associated with demolition and construction.

Sustainable architecture begins with designing for longer lifecycles and the reuse of existing buildings and structures. Looking to create more inclusive and viable futures, MWA considers adaptive reuse to be one of the best strategies to address the climate crisis and promote social justice. Reuse keeps the culture of an area alive, bridging between old and new as projects push the boundaries of circular and adaptive design.

Where we do create new buildings, or extend old buildings, we commit to the highest standards of sustainable design, and liaise with specialist partners to ensure that we are employing the most up-to-date technologies.

Executive Assistant
Aisling Jarrett-Gavin
Architectural Assistant
Alina Marinescu
Architectural Assistant
Andrea Antoniou
Project Lead
Andrew Bell
Architectural Assistant
Charlie Fox
Architectural Assistant
Eliott Wells
Architectural Assistant
Emma Wilkinson
Architectural Assistant
Jason Liew
Interior Designer
Joanna Kazanowska-Watson
Architectural Assistant
Julia Aguadera
FF&E Procurement Manager and Jr. Interior Designer
Karen Lohana
Architectural Assistant
Lydia Bagley
Architectural Assistant
Max Irving-Lamb
Rory O’Brien
Project Architect
Anna Holmes
Charley Lacey
Project Architect
Eliot Ellis-Brown
Lauren Green
Marek Wojciechowski
Project Architect
Morgan Taylor
Paulina Konkina
Head of Design
Rawan Hussin
Sasha Greig
Financial Director
Umesh Lad
Project Architect
Ursula Dickson

We partner with industry leading collaborators and consultants to deliver unparalleled value